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Canada releases world’s first test standard for unglazed ambient solar air collectors

Canadian Standards Association released in September 2011 an updated edition of the CSA F378 Series, Solar collectors which replaces the previous edition of CSA F378, Solar Collectors, published in 1987.
The new test standard currently has two sections:
  • F378.1, Glazed and unglazed liquid heating solar collectors
  • F378.2, Air heating solar collectors
The Air Standard applies to both glazed and unglazed air heating solar collectors used for converting solar radiation into thermal energy by heating air flowing through the collector. Typical applications for the air heating solar collectors covered by this Standard include their use in systems for direct space heating, combustion air heating, crop drying, and ventilation air pre-heating.
This Standard is intended to apply to solar collectors that use air as a heat transfer medium including the following types of solar collectors:
  1. glazed closed-loop recirculated air heating solar collectors;
  2. unglazed closed-loop recirculated air heating solar collectors;
  3. glazed open-loop ambient air heating solar collectors; and
  4. unglazed open-loop ambient air heating solar collectors.