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Code of Ethics

Members of the Solar Air Heating World Industries Association recognize their obligations to the general public, the consumer, the industry and related professions and Industry. These obligations guide the members of the Association to conduct business and promote their products and services in a manner which assures the public health, safety and welfare through careful design, installation, operation, maintenance and information dissemination of solar air heating technology, and which contributes to the professional advancement of SAHWIA. Members agree that they shall:

  1. Undertake work in compliance with applicable codes, standards and laws. It is the responsibility of the member to stay up to date, to a degree that would be considered reasonable within the industry, with developments and changes to applicable codes, standards and laws.
  2. Not falsify or permit misrepresentation of their professional qualifications (certifications achieved, license status, years in business, etc.)
  3. Undertake their operations, services and research with proper regard for the safety, health and welfare of workers and the public, and for the protection of the environment
  4. Present honestly the capabilities, performance, and energy savings potential of solar products and systems.
  5. Employ properly trained personnel to perform duties to professional standards.
  6. Offer and honor clear, understandable warranties that comply with all applicable government regulations.
  7. Members shall be guided in all their professional relations by the highest standards of integrity, admit and accept their own errors when proven wrong and take appropriate action to correct the error.
  8. Members shall actively participate in the training of skilled trades people for the future welfare of the solar air heating industry.
  9. Members shall avoid all practices, which are likely to discredit the profession or deceive the public and endeavor to extend public knowledge and appreciation of solar air heating systems, their achievements and effect on the environment.

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