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Examples of other marks and certifications.

Solar Keymark

The initiative to develop a common European Quality label for solar thermal products was taken by the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation, ESTIF in 1999. At that time new – CEN Keymark certification scheme (CEN/CENELEC, 2006) was chosen as “template” for the solar thermal product certification. Logo of the CEN Keymark is seen to the right
The CEN Keymark for solar thermal (only water , not air) products “Solar Keymark” is a voluntary 3rd party certification mark stating conformity with the European Standards:
EN12975 (collectors)
EN12976 (“factory made systems”)

The main elements in the Solar Keymark are:
Type testing – by accredited test lab of test sample – taken out of production/stock by 3rd party
Annual inspection of factory production control
Bi-annual detailed inspection of product

The Keymark certification can be done only by certification bodies empowered by the CEN Certification Board. The Solar Keymark is based on European Standards. Several European standards have been established in the solar thermal field during the last years. Solar Keymark does not apply outside the European Union.

Solar Keymark STATUS
The number of Solar Keymark licenses issued has exploded in the last couple of years –the number of Solar Keymark licences is now (March 2009) 4 times the number reached two years ago (presented the estec2007 conference). It is estimated that most (80-90%) of the collectors now sold in Europe show the Solar Keymark.


In Canada, solar thermal products are certified by CSA and bear the following label.

The CSA rating and seal is a performance certification based on testing to the CSA F378 standard or equivalent. The Performance Rating is based on the test data and guidelines established by NRCan under its ecoEnergy program and is calculated based on the collector efficiency test data at 900 W/m2, an air flow rate of 4 scfm/ft2 and a wind speed of 1.3 m/s.

SolarWall established the norm for solar air collectors with a PF of 1.0 to which all other collectors are compared.


In USA, The Solar Rating & Certification Corporation administers a certification, rating and labeling program for solar collectors and a similar program for complete residential solar water heating systems. SRCC does not currently certify commercial solar water heating systems.

The SRCC’s certification program operating guidelines, test methods & minimum standards, and rating methodologies require the administration of nationally accepted equipment tests on solar equipment by independent laboratories that are accredited by the SRCC. The test results and product data are evaluated by the SRCC to determine the product’s compliance with the minimum standards for certification, and to calculate the performance ratings.
Equipment that has been certified and rated by the SRCC is required to bear the SRCC certification seal, which shows the performance rating for that product. In addition, each certified product is published by the SRCC in a directory. Each product’s directory listing contains information on the product’s material and specifications, as well as the certified thermal performance rating.

KOTRA Seal of Excellence  (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)

KOTRA offers two Seal of Excellence one for general products and one for Green products
Each company and product awarded the Green Seal is given a unique 9-digit number starting with ‘g’ (e.g. G2010-001-01). Anyone can identify the authenticity of the Green Seal by entering its number or company name in the “Recipients” section of the KOTRA website.
The Seal is valid for 3 years from the date of selection.

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